How to play toys with kids

Author: kikils, May 30, 2011, 1 Comment

play toys with kids How to play toys with kids

Children love to play with Toy, but not necessarily can right play toys. So parents should give guidance, let toy express benefit. General guidance method is:

1, prior guidance. buy a toy back, parents should look at that figure toys options, as clockwork toys, should teach your children what direction to rotary switch, spin and to what degree for good; Electric toys should teach your children use switches etc.

2, observation guide. The child has a new toy must be play the certain happy, parents should let children playing, the parents to observation, discover the child difficulty and problems timely give help and guidance. Of course parents should encourage children own ideas to overcome difficulties and finding a solution to the problem. Some parents worry that their children damaged toys, don’t let the children operation, by oneself for children to see, this operation is not the Kids toy but parents toys.

3, participation guidance. Parents and children play with toy, playing along the course of instruction, demonstration, such as playing badminton, chess, the teaching process of parents want to have patience, from easy into difficult, step-by-step, children feel have fun and learn quickly.

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