Benefits of educational toys

Author: kikils, May 31, 2011, 4 Comments

Just as its name implies is to let children play in the process of developing intelligence toys. Educational toys really has the educational function? According to the Royal Academy of sciences study found that often play educational toys, compared to those who don’t play the average intelligence quotient higher than 11 points around the brain open thinking ability is higher; American medical experts also found that before 50 years ago started playing adult educational toys people the incidence of alzheimer’s only 32% of the general population, and the incidence of people play kids toys from baby less than 1%.

educational toys Benefits of educational toys

In fact, except the developing intelligence, educational toys more functions. For example, the design of stimulating function development, brightly colored lines to draw people’s educational toys can stimulate child’s visual; But a hold rings “ring ring”, gives all sorts of animal voice buttons of “small piano” etc can stimulate the child’s hearing; Rolling colored balls to cultivate children’s sense of touch. Thus, different educational toys is auxiliary child to know the world is an effective tool, and help them to cooperate on various senses of reaction, to contact and cognitive novel things.

In addition, educational toys still has coordination body function effects, such as children will be a box of blocks in addition to build a graphics, brain, have hand coordination, so that through playing educational toys, training and gradually establish a child’s hands coordination and eye-hand coordination etc body function; The role of social activities with practice, children with their companions or in the process of parents play educational toys, unconsciously in the development of their social relations, even if they or competition in cooperation to produce obdurate and quarrel, in fact they are developing cooperation spirit and learning and sharing
Psychological, lay a foundation for future into society. Meanwhile, language ability, emotional release, the beginning ability, etc are must improve.

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