must be clean toys at fixed period

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Bacteriologist done after disinfection determination, the Kids toys let the baby play with ten days, plastic toys have 3163 number of bacterial wooden toys of 4934 a, fur toys have reach 21,500. Therefore, regular disinfection Toy is necessary.

clean toys must be clean toys at fixed period

clean toys

1. Resistant to wet, corrosion and not easy faded toys available 0.2% peracetic acid or 0.5% disinfection spirit soaking, wipe disinfection.

2. The plush toys and books and paper by using ultraviolet disinfection disinfection, exposure.

3. Wooden toys usable soap water scald.

4. Metal toys can use first soap water scrubbing, then the sun.

5. Use electronic alexipharmic ark or disinfectant immerses effect is very good also.

Special hints

A, the matters needing attention

Use disinfection disinfection after half an hour is swabbed clean with clear water again.

SARS and infectious diseases in frequency, toys ultraviolet disinfection should guarantee 1 hour above/times; Boil disinfection ensure more than 30 minutes/times.

Peracetic acid directly, cannot prefiltration corrosive such contact with skin and clothes. Must use plastic bottle cheng fang leave 1 ~ 2 air holes), disable glass, in case the blowout. Scores

Second, sanitizers configuration

1. Stock ShiKang disinfectant 1 10 ml, join 1,000 ml water mix.

2. Prefiltration 2 ml of peracetic acid, join 1,000 ml water blending.

3. Disinfection 5 grams, join 1,000 spirit of water blending.

Every patriarch should notice for clean toys at fixed period , for you for me,for our child.

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