global environment and wood toys

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Now more and more people Pay attention to the global environment, attach great importance to environmental protection becomes the world people’s consensus.

A popular tide wooden toys 300x211 global environment and wood toys

A popular tide wooden toys

This atmosphere to the Toy industry wind, in the design and production of toys, whether in the environmental protection becomes a important factor. Wooden toys natural environmental protection, with the sustainable development of forest trees manufacturing, can develop wooden toys unique texture. Wooden toys don’t have a color design and materials, not only give children disparate fresh feeling, also can develop the child’s environmental protection consciousness.

To advocate environmental protection, encourage consumers to holiday gifts, not ecological havoc, WWF  for the first time this year launched four Christmas basket and more than ten eco-friendly wooden toys. The former select fairtrade food, drinks and WWF high-quality goods for basket gift, packing also within with contracted give priority to; Environmental wooden toys with sustainable development is the manufacture, design of forest including panda folding high, much money wooden chess and stereo puzzles, etc.

Environmental protection concept also reflected in toy design and creative ways, a few days ago, held by Hong Kong TDC “innovation technology and design expo” held in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, site from around the world displayed the latest technological invention and design, among them many trendy design called green concept coincide.

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