bigfoot remote suvs

Author: kikils, June 3, 2011, 2 Comments

For boys, it maybe everyone has driving car run in the wilderness of the suv dreams, so electric suv becomes every boy always like toys. Countless electric toy manufacturer also invest in to this Toy varieties of the development. At the end of 2010, mini type remote suvs with the boys bigfoot will upgrade again this dream. Let’s together to experience the cross-country “hurricane” of felling.

bigfoot remote control suv 300x198 bigfoot remote suvs

bigfoot remote control suv

Car 40 49mhz two existing remote control frequency, the car long approximately 80mm. Indeed is the rearview mirror for PVC mini, soft materials,  will be not break, before a bull board. When he was walking with accelerating function, can be accelerated. All control function, the turn around car containing rechargeable batteries. Remote containing charging circuit.

More Kids toys in my blog.

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  2. Jonay says:

    Sntads back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

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