Furby doll

Author: kikils, June 4, 2011, 1 Comment

Toy market always extraordinary splendour, especially in colorful rapid development of technology today, all kinds of hi-tech means is applied to all, making the toy design toys more attractive. Furby baby doll is born in the trend of high-tech products under, he will not only jokes, dancing, wink, playing games, even can recognize its master’s voice, and to be able to use English to answer the question.

furby doll 300x187 Furby doll

furby doll

Furby doll is one of the world’s largest toy company of American hasbro launched in years ago, and high tech toys Furby figurines products, just like humans are able to sing and dance both the reason actually because she has five sensor machine toys. And this kind of toy are able to attract another reason is she like humans have their own growth stages: the start and you met, furby love playing, want to know everything about you. And will remind you to take care of it. And in the second phase and the third stage, furby start to speak your word and growth, shift. The fourth stage furby will also say “furbish”, but also can say some you teach words, deepen and master communication.

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