history of teddy bear

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It says the United States President Roosevelt and teddy bear is still some fun. President Roosevelt’s small named teddy, hobbies hunting. In some year November, President Roosevelt in Mississippi woods hunting, someone captured a cubs, it will be tied to a tree, ready to let the President hunting shot it to impress the President’s happy. Unexpectedly, President Roosevelt but will bear easing and put ran it. This famous cartoon by American painter bailey a piece of “mann Mississippi border” cartoons, throughout the United States. This painting depicts President Roosevelt put off the little bear’s scene, picture and lively, cute teddy bear, deeply touched people’s heart. New York’s a Russia by African American businessman meters hari seldon’s, from bailey mann paintings inspired by his wife, help using brown flannelette sewing a xiaomao bear, adornment is in his own candy, 2006 window, named “teddy bear“, don’t expect, people have to buy, and orders continuously. Meters hari seldon’s afraid to presidential taboo. So the President sent a teddy bear, and attach a letter, request to President fart.very “teddy” as a Toy bear’s name. The President said in the letter “selling your cloth wool toy bear, please feel free to use my name!” Since then, meters hari seldon’s toy bear aspects in production achieve great success, and has established the teddy bear production company.

And no matter the legendary rock-solid. “Teday Bear” is already a U.S. toy industry’s first brand, is a world famous brand. “Teddy bear” its modelling lively and lovely, attitude, to have different today “teddy bear” has grown into a huge series family, our products are popular toy Fans. Even in the world counterfeit “teddy bear” also openly into market, to meet the poorer “teddy fan” desire.

Toys in today already have more social attribute, Occident has many clubs toys fans every year to the nature spontaneously organize some fellowship activities, they not only love toys, also took the toy as a collection, even is a kind of investment, many series toys at the auction can have surprising a price. Toy allegedly still have a kind of inconceivable power: “9.11” later, the American market in a star-spangled banner clothing toy bear remains popular, analysts say, this kind of toy in a sense gave americans heart balm.

After the development of the last several decades, the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries have become huge toy consumer market. As these countries have labor and labor costs higher problem arises, toys Merchant have turned to look east Asia, southeast Asia, China inland, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam and other countries and regions become an important production base of the toys.

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  1. Frankie says:

    Hey, that post leaves me feeling floosih. Kudos to you!

  2. How strange, reading this topic got me to seriously want a hamburger.

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