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The world’s most famous toy brand you know a few? Do you know these brands are popular world by all the world’s children love, where the secret?

You need to know the world famous Toy brand

Germany fairy treasure SIMBA

Concept: every one toy bring children is not only fun.

Founded in Germany, have SIMBA1952 Europe’s largest and the most advanced production base, it and Mercedes, BMW is as Germany’s pride. SIMBA has in Hong Kong, China and Germany FURTH two advanced toys r&d center, all toys products are with the European authoritative attestation, various kinds of toys to gain international toy awards. Domino, hula hoop, yo-yo, big blocks is the “four great inventions” SIMBA.

Japan generation Bandai

Bandai is Japan’s largest toy maker, is one of the world’s largest toy enterprise established, its history goes back to 1950. Generation brand in animation, comic, toys field have great advantages and has a large portrait, including mobile warrior Gundam), saint as (superman, salty, masked superman, the beautiful young girl warrior, digital tyrannosaurus rex (Digimon) hundreds of famous cartoon image.

Sweden Vikingtoys Viking

Concept: let the baby to brain development, promote the play while understanding the world around you.

Vikingtoys established so far, has three decades, always adhere to the soft, plastic type plastic making the highest quality of toys, simple style, fashion, quality is excellent.

Italy Quercetti enlightenment

Concept: everything is created.

Quercetti has more than 50 years of development, design and production of educational toys experience. ?Quercetti enlightenment is more than a famous Italian longan toy brand, also international educational toys pioneer, in order to maintain high quality, she has been insisting in Italy production and export to the world.

Canada beauty MEGABLOCKS shares

Canada’s shares is a famous international toy beauty brand, offer products include baby toys, dinosaur eggs series, pirates of the Caribbean series, spider-man series, laser robots, magnetic warrior, truck series, pay attention to the design and development, high quality.

American fisher-price brand FisherPrice

The world’s first toy brand – from the United States, has been FisherPrice 74 years history. FisherPrice in offer high quality, age-appropriate of products at the same time, the value of a great importance toys game, benefits, for children’s development, safety and how to lead the parents and timely use of products.

American Hasbro Hasbro

The world’s second largest toy manufacturer, many famous games, such as millionaires, transformers, LongYuDeXia city, etc. Because they have senior design expert, so the company’s products in the international won countless! Their children, according to different characteristics of each stage and ability training needs are designed for different stages of the baby toys.

American son LeBao Playskool

Hasbro Playskool is a child under American brand. It first is that by two teachers in school Andy baoying before already began studying at home, to strengthen the early brain development, so the baby all product design concept are to baby in natural game environment learning knowledge.

Denmark LEGO

Denmark international well-known blocks produced by colorful plastic toys, blocks, gear, mini figurines and various other parts, composition all kinds of things.

Lego according to unit by big to xiaoke element is divided into four series: baby, quatro, respectively, and the standard lego duplo corresponding to 1 to 18 months, 2-3 years old, 2-6years old and four years of age. The four children

Germany NICI

One of the world’s top ten plush toys brand, soft look chic. Each animal image NICI has his own personality: Pisces tiger, mild-mannered appearance is a single sentimental heart, so creative and always forget things; Have a orange mane, both the handsome Lion fascinating and confident, so long as can see busy place Lion Heart; Full of romantic feelings giraffe sister, personality easygoing easygoing, good at astrology and botany, always willing to share her favorite stars and new discovery of delicious plants…

France than Smoby think-tank

France SMOBY founded in 1924, dedicated to children aged 0 to 12 design and production of toys. Its toys, there are about a dozen major series, respectively according to age, sex, function, indoor and outdoor, copyright, scene, etc, every single product classification, every component follow, accompany children grow and improve its intellectual development, safe environmental protection concept.

French pilot MAJORETTE

Founded in 1924 majorette is the famous French toy production and sales, but also European and global toy industry international corporation ranked the best, has been more than 80 years of history. Since birth, dedicated to the children toys to 10 years of research, development, production and sales, all production toy all by the French designers design.

American Sassy

Sassy is America specifically for 0-3 years old infant inspire intelligence, design toys professional company. Most praiseworthy is when in making toys Sassy preciseness is many toys manufacturers as all goods are adopted, the edible color pigment.

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