Plush toys choose and maintenance

Author: kikils, June 9, 2011, 3 Comments

Plush toys choose and maintenance

Plush toys, children and young people is one of the most favorite toys, but, look be like the good things of which also may contain the danger, so we should be happy at the same time, in the happy at the same time, to think of safety is our biggest wealth!

So you know exactly how much of plush toys? The following is my personal views in in work and life, the hope can be of help to you, I hope you’re having the safest and most happy!!!!!

First, we buy toys, first is difficulty opened the package, look at the east, and plush toys in order to clean and neat, the inside have commonly thin packing bags, but we tend to ignore the existence of plastic bags, plastic bags and the most insecure children is one of the killer!!!!! Because domestic plastic bags in its most likely will not open a small hole, easy to breathe freely, and foreign trade Toy manufacturer is must do so. So if the plastic bags with children brought to the head and could cause children choking!

Second, the toy woolen cloth or when non-toxic, safe? This should see how packaging, whether normal manufacturer production. Must be normal manufacturer of production, cloth of ma, warned that, for safety first!

Third, whether have swelled and toy internal spikes? This is also a big security hidden danger!!!!! The situation is very few, but also need to attract our attention.

Fourth, three years old of the following children play with toys, requirements of toys eyes, nose and other bumps can withstand the 90 N tension, or easy cause children entrance choking!

Fifth, stuffed whether is easy to clean and dust? If so, should as far as possible much cleaning, cleaning the plush with special methods:

must be clean toys at fixed period

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3 Responses to Plush toys choose and maintenance

  1. hot geeky girls says:

    Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

  2. Marge says:

    That saves me. Tahkns for being so sensible!

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