dangerous toys for kids

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These products are “dangerous toys“, must pay attention to

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dangerous toys

1. The ejection toys

Refers to the Toy itself can be through the external force function, do parabola catapulted or directly hitting the target, for example, of a bullet toy guns and so on.

Expert clew: general ejection toys damage are bigger, such as all kinds of toys pistol, water gun, and once in our country folk generally use the slingshot, bow and arrow, etc, and now, a lot of families are some various darts toys, so let the child as far as possible from all kinds of dangerous ejection toys.

2. The rope and toys

The rope toys refers to all tied with a string of toys, including all kinds of rope and accessories, such as yo-yo.

Expert clew: children very like take the rope pull or swinging the rope is easy to play, the rope around the child’s fingers or neck, a long time light would cause ischemic necrosis, heavy then fingers can let the baby suffocation. So in the rope and choose toys, not more than the length of rope baby neck circumference; Age small children had better not play such rope and toys.

3. The mask toys

Many of the plastic products, useful also pulp or wood pulp repression, designs for the cartoon figure or animal shapes, the children are very like wearing these masks toys to play.

Expert clew: some unqualified mask with a poisonous plastic toy is made, contain toxic chemicals, child may cause the body absorbs damage; In addition, some toys itself, in the manhunt mask nose and mouth left no breathing in place, if the children wear long time can cause of oxygen to the brain, make the child appear dizziness, vertigo phenomenon, serious when still can cause choking. Judge a mask of toys to see a dangerous situation, the toy mouth and nose into the stomata size is safe, and then see the mask of raw materials, whether the toy qualified whether it contains toxic substances.

4. The balloon toys

Toy balloons for rubber or plastic products commonly, filling in the air or hydrogen, colour is gorgeous, changeful shape.

Expert clew: the balloon DuoZhong hidden danger there, the first is the balloon burst easy to cause damage to the child, especially, if meet the flame, a balloon can cause severe burning; Second is the balloon pieces once in the child’s respiratory tract, it is very difficult to remove, a direct threat life safety. Therefore, the children play with balloons, parents to pay attention, if the balloons were children catch broken, to clear in time every piece of debris, lest be children swallowed.

5. Small toys

Many for building blocks and other small adorn article, and the material of the most is the metal or plastic, also including button, COINS and other more common commodity, many of them small, brightly colored, the children are like, so dangerous bigger also.

Note that these “dangerous toys“, don’t let them harm to your children

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  5. Lanap says:

    Oh yeah, stay away from dangerous kids toys! I tend to go with the classics that are tried and true and have found that really knows how to organize what they have so I can find what I need quickly.

  6. Fayth says:

    lol. that is a cool idea! ;)

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