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The basic knowledge of electric remote control plane

A star, and to increase the battery number will have affected?

In court if someone asked you to fly the plane, the first electric will ask the motor, and then ask your size, voltage? And as for how to determine the voltage standard, is simply to battery number multiplied by 1.2 V can calculate voltage, and can also easily imagine the output is about how much?

As for the relationship between the current and voltage can be much more would be simple to do, it is difficult to explain. If increase the battery number of words, Ah (instantaneous current) will increase, which relates to the characteristics of the battery and the characteristics of itself, because motor will load and produce considerable changes. The method of measuring instantaneous electric current is motor axis the instant a fixed after electrify the measurement Ah (instantaneous electric current), but in reality the test is not applicable to the general consumer, because of battery and motor itself will do a lot of damage, so very not recommend you use. As for increase horsepower way just need to improve voltage can be to reduce the motor power consumption, say, motor load to a minimum, such as the balance of the propeller, use slow tooth, and so on.

Second, how to identify brush motor specifications?

Brush motor series in all over the world are the same, but algorithm in Taiwan, it is originally the length of the axis of the motor as a benchmark, but because of the different demand, the number of motor can have a lot of different length, so now is to distinguish the motor shell length. Such as the length of the motor shell for 30 mm, is a level 300, motor by analogy.

But every one of the manufacturers of making motor shell will have different length, but basically as long as from appearance, can calculate length about know the motor, such as the series why 58 mm is level 600 motor. But the same level of motor will be because of the coil winding way, itself laps and have different characteristics, such as torque motor and motor speed type type, whether to use slow group, and so on, and the choice of propeller except for level must also give consideration to the outside to use features!!!!!

Three, no carbon brush motor on the figure of representative what mean?

General brush motor hierarchy points, and no carbon brush the classification of motor is Kv value to distinguish unit as.

Kv number test 1 V voltage is obtained for the speed of the standard, no carbon brush motor shell would have the relevant sign, for example shows the “3700 RPM/V”, that is the motor in the state without load with 1 V voltage can produce 3700 r p.m. The back to speed, such as a just filling the full electric nickel cadmium battery is 1.3 V environment, use at the same time 10 battery (1 3 V) to drive a 3700 RPM/V no carbon brush motor, the use of Kv3700X 1.3 X 10 2 48100 R.P.M to get about speed value, but it is in no state of motor under load values of about reference values, in practical use of under the motor Kv because the number of battery straight with changes.

Four, electric aircraft must use narrow paddle?

Electric plane mostly used narrow leaf blade (smaller in diameter)? The answer is no. Sometimes even use electrical plane with the engine, electric propeller plane on the choice of propeller and no special provisions. As the special propeller of electric are mostly was light and thin, and because the propeller of electric motor and engine work back to speed is different, so also have to slow down the speed under low after should be capable of great efficiency, such as wide wide propeller camp electronic by the production of EP 1080 up to 254 mm in diameter, belong to large slow aircraft use. Of course, different propeller used on the characteristics of must, in accordance with the plane is to make a choice.

Five, how to choose the deceleration tooth?

Electric aircraft use of the deceleration group is mostly a slow, slow to will use the high speed of the motor slowdown convert larger output torque, so they can drive the larger propellers, make thrust ascension, let the flight performance more ascension.

But only need simple use slow group can completely efficiency? In fact this statement will not exactly right, must also be taken into account the characteristics of the plane toys, and the use of motor and so on to choose the type of tooth slowdown. Drive the way below the propeller has several provide options:

1, direct driving way, does not use slow group, drive directly, applicable to small propeller diameter, simple in structure and generate less and less resistance.

2, the traditional slow group: motor gear teeth to bite, is slowing directly on the market at present is most kinds of form.

3, coaxial deceleration groups: the propeller center and motor axis in the same shaft, mostly use two stages slowdown or swim star gear to slow down.

4, homonymous slow group: the motor turns with the direction of the propeller turn in the same direction, the main difference is slowing in the tooth is gear disk, the inner diameter of the scope of the meshing the area is large, suitable for big torque motor.

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