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Good blocks toys to have the following features:

blocks toys blocks toys knowledge

blocks toys

1. Can help children each development stage basic action;

2. Can develop the child’s learning ability;

3. Can trigger and develop the child’s curiosity, an adventure;

4. Can let children get satisfaction and sense of accomplishment;

5. Can help children with words meaning or emotional outburst;

6. Can foster children good habits. In addition, applicability, durability, safety, economy and does not occupy a space is a good toys for matters.

Blocks is a construct sex toys, and to cultivate children’s creativity, he can make children through observation and operation, from the repeated stack, to arrange a combination of process, the scattered unit combined into one intetration of the thing, and observed the position of the space and the relationship between the parts and all, but also set up step by step the order of psychology. Building blocks are the children of one of the favorite toys, small blocks combination model change is endless.

Blocks toys can offer various games. First, it is the important material, structure the game can be as the main structure toys for the children to play. Because toys, a single building blocks is material building blocks and meaningless, only when these building blocks are grouped into objects can reflect the image of the life activities. So, building blocks for children to provide a wide space, can imagine effectively promote child creative thinking development, train children creation ability. At the same time, the child in the blocks toys, exercise in spelling of flexibility, eye hands hand coordination, the brain and hand them for future study, sensory sensitive lay a good foundation. blocks toys can form various buildings, reflect our country labor of the wisdom of the people and the creativity, and cultivate children feelings of love for the motherland. Blocks of assembling is a careful work, a building need dozens of building block to get into, they have called for the child seriously, careful and firmly to achieve purpose. The children in the common building activities, still can form good moral character, improve the collective relevant solid modelling respect art knowledge and skills.

The children are in preschool age, they can make a blocks toys is playing for several hours. The children to play “work” of the game, the building blocks to take into tables and chairs. Sometimes, the little guys with building blocks to make a super market store “play” the game, and sometimes, children with building blocks to make cars, they also in the car put their animal friends, and then took them to see their grandmother. Toys can give the children blocks brings happiness.

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