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Believe that every mother has hope to give children buy health toys.

The parents for the children choose in toys still need to pay attention to the building blocks of the following details ( knowledge of blocks toys ):

1. Touch the toys, should feel is exquisite, no burr, sharp edges, woodiness deeper-going;

2. Put the toys on the nose smell, if have peculiar smell, the Toy may not safe with paint, or is not real wooden toys;

3. With paper towel, white cloth, such as toys, wiped hard handkerchief should not touch any above paint;

4. For those who like to plug in your mouth toys child who, toy parts not too small, lest the child by mistake eats into the nostrils, ear or the place such as the damage and brings to the child;

5. Toy parts can’t too large and heavy, lest the child not convenient to grasp and miss by themselves;

6. Making toys of wood should have certain thickness, not easy to break or broken;

7. If not sure whether the toys, coloring, security may consider purchasing the wooden toys no color;

8. Check to see if the toy trademark with production factory name, the site of factory, production date, production materials, suitable for ages, safety warnings, carries out the standard number, product certificate and other projects;

9. By hand shake toys, check the toys of each parts whether firmly, will not drop down;

10. With a cord of toys, the length of rope don’t more than 30 centimeters;

11. Choose toys, to listen to break up its voice is too loud, whether too offensive;

12. Pay attention to choose the surface is, no “gully”, gap.

Anyway, the toy for children to safety is the most important. The children have a unique way to explore the world, catch, touch, knocking, hit and smelling, bite… The danger lies in here.

Should choose “green environmental protection toys” even if the kids to bite into his mouth will not to his security threats, wooden blocks toys the biggest characteristics is this: it security, environmental protection, green, the purely natural.

Our toy world give you more and more…

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