Choose toy didn’t so simple

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Toys Safety first forever

Safety is the selection and use of the “bottom line” Toy, because the baby to cognitive level is limited, so adults in buying toys to the safety of the toy when taking full, and baby toys in tinkering with, also should not be completely from adult sights.

Of course, too much focus on the safety of the toys will interfere with toys other functions. For example, some production qualified electric or automatic toy safer, but they began to explore space for baby, baby is always play this-if the toy, his curiosity and explore desire is not satisfied. So, the bottom line after mark safe toys, father mothers need to consider the potential development value toys.

Toys is not equal to the gameplay

Fun is to attract baby toys interest in basic conditions, according to the natural father mother baby interest is easy to grasp the characteristics of the toy, but as parents, don’t patronize fun and ignore some unhealthy for baby toys mental development of adverse effects.

For example, some baby like fresh and exciting terrorist toys: show your teeth grin, the blood flow of the skeleton zombies, modelling exaggerated the centipede and cockroaches…… These things can put the gentle and quiet timid mommy turned white with fear, was Shouting. Kids see their own toys to adult frighten so disbelief, can’t help but laugh, and I thought I was very brave. In fact, so playing tricks on people to own pleasure stimulation in anxiety and others set up above the pain, is not life security performance respect for others.

In addition, some suggest that the violence was of some toy weapons to baby’s favor, the parents to avoid these toys evoked the baby psychological tendency, or offensive potential to cause people around security reasons.

Children’s toys educational

Some mama education the child into the mood is eager to buy some, like child development intelligence toys, the results of the toy intelligence than the baby may connotation development present situation and cause children think vapid–and so, as do not harm baby toys with the close relationship between. In the instructions of the recommended to play their own baby may not be suitable for the development level, then to respect the baby in his invention of play, let him first set up to the toy feelings, interest and free operating ability, and his intelligence development and toys, to match the recommended operating play will not late.

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