Electric toy is how to classify?

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According to the internal structure and movement characteristics can be divided into seven categories.

(1) the back wheel kind of electronic Toy: appearance with car majority. Toy in the driving such as the disorder, which can automatically turn. Its principle is installed at the bottom of the wheel, one by the machine is driven, and active wheel, toy normally the next time round direction invariable, make toys keep run straight; Meet obstacles, back to change direction, make toys wheel turn.

(2) the be born not of electric toy: appearance with car majority. Toys on the desktop road, once drove to the edge of the table, that is automatically change direction, so back off, won’t decline. This movement is rely on internal special machine core operation to finish.

(3) the manipulation of electronic toy: varieties are vehicles and two kinds of animals. The battery pack in the toy in body, not but in an external battery box. Manipulator battery box, through the press with a button on the box, manipulate toy movement. Battery box and toys with wires between connection, so says wire control toys. Its advantage is but by their masters will, at any time change toy movement direction. The disadvantage is that the toys off a wire, difficult to use.

(4) the orbit of electronic toy: in the train car appearance, the majority. Along the road, generally track toys and sounding, light and additional effect. Rail has the plastic and metal two. The plastic toys to put in orbit within the body battery for energy. Metal rail toys to “work” model metal tracks, the low voltage wires instead of into the direct current, rely on metal wheel and rail after contact with electricity, running in motor drive car, driving the vehicle on a rail car. Otherwise, rail can be assembling into various shapes, the car drive mechanism by ascending to a certain height, and then slipped along the track, can make slide around, rolls such action.

(5) of electric toys to walk: dolls and animal image. Toys in the majority can two legs walk upright or limbs to crawl.

(6) imitate of electronic toy: to simulate dolls and animal image can simulate the majority. Toys children or animals of all kinds of vivid movement, and be exaggerated, such as “little bear skip rope,” “the monkey cartwheel,” “cry over smile doll”, etc.

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