Lego office and toys

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Believe that many people will not unfamiliar to LEGO. Since the beginning of the Lego, there have been nearly eighty years of history, after decades of development, Lego also become the world children the most favorite toys, adult years one of many of them also with Lego set up their toys in the imagination. If welcomed by people of lego, his “home” is what look like? Recently, the reporter in Denmark Billund visiting the lego headquarters. Next, we will share to lego office what it’s like here.

lego office Lego office and toys

lego office

Lego inventor is oyler, and Mr Grams, he was born in 1891 in Denmark than long nearby, Cardiff village elder brother phil. He at their craft carpenter, young and keen on making all sorts of small toys, from his hands of small airplanes, cars, animals toys all shape lifelike, lifelike. Although he did not understand business, often a poor, but this Toy did not make him to give up his own interests. Later, he designed the toys “invite invite” finally the rage. In 1934, for his own blocks toy design “lego” trademark.

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