Barbie doll

Author: kikils, June 17, 2011, 2 Comments

As the 20 th century the most well known and best-selling doll, bobby doll from birth has already been 52 years time, the more received the world children’s favorite. As one of the most famous toys, barbie dolls each year launched a number of new products to enter the market, the end of 2010 in 2011 new beginning, mattel’s take charge of stylist RobertBest nine design developed a series of nostalgia, genre entirely out of work of the famous American shows of the 20 th century.

As the big eyes, long hair a barbie doll of the best-selling, today’s “barbie” has not only is a Toy, it is a symbol of the American women, is a symbol of American culture, as all over the world like McDonald’s, KFC. As the brand creation, Ruth with her of his life for the global efforts, the women in the hopes and dreams.

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