Schumacher Mi3 electric car

Author: kikils, June 19, 2011, 1 Comment

A named Schumacher Mi3 (Schumacher Mi3) crazy electric car, so a formal debut remote control electric cars have not incredible ability to accelerate. Its top speed of 161.76 miles to exaggeration that, amount to the metric system speed is 260 kilometers per hour.

Schumacher Mi3 electric car 300x139 Schumacher Mi3 electric car

Schumacher Mi3 electric car

This car manufacturing tall person of the spent a year and a half time keep debugging, and spent a total of 4000 us dollars to make to this effect. Body adopted lightweight design of carbon fiber chassis; 11 horsepower motor and 12 core battery super.

However, many people argue that the practical significance of the product, because its speed up too fast, easy to break through the remote control can achieve maximum, don’t want to open a car to play with in the buy? And the top without a barrier to realize high speed circuit. Perhaps, it said over the component composition of far outweigh its practical.

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