2011 Tokyo toy show

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Collected about 35000 toys of the Japanese the largest Toy fairs “2011 Tokyo toy show” 16,, in Tokyo international conference and exhibition center unveiled. The exhibition for four days. Not only can hand push battery shine the sound green environmental protection toys car and a number of reflect The Times feature of toys become the exhibition of the new luminescent spot.

2011 Tokyo toy show 300x165 2011 Tokyo toy show

2011 Tokyo toy show

The exhibition can still see driven by solar cells, shows that the German wooden toys the current model of environmental protection have also been blown to power saving agitation toy industry.

In addition, the northeast Shinkansen E5 is, “falco plastic model,” Tokyo the sky tree “model and educational education toys also attract people’s attention.

According to host Japanese toy association, said 2010 annual Japanese toy market scale for 669.9 billion yen ($53.6 billion yuan), up 3.5%, realize the first three years of growth. Association officials say, “false face knight and lijia dolls and other has a long history for parent-child interaction of goods more popular.”

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