choose toys 11 way

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1, check for age

Baby different age, be about to choose suitable for different age paragraph intelligence development level of toys, so choose toys complexity is different also. General toys in use for that toys will apply age range, for example, infant like toys into the mouth, so to plug the toys they choose and buy should be more big, lest the volume baby swallowed cause choking.

2, check the safety warnings

Some toys hidden danger, some general manufacturers will be made by warnings remind. Such as “open after packing, please immediately will pack a plastic bags discarded,” “can’t overhead wires used in the area that has”, “please put in the place out of reach out baby” and “the life preserver, can only in shallow water use”, “not for children under the age of 3″, etc. Buying toys, be sure to read carefully to make sure to warnings not to buy such toys, or playing this kind of toys to avoid misuse toys and produce risk. Had better choose packing on the security authentication marks of toys.

3, check the effective date

Some toys products must in the period of validity of the designated use, or it may be dangerous to baby, therefore, to buy baby toys must carefully check the effective date, avoid using outdated products.

4, inspection method of use

According to the rules of the product quality law, all domestic production and sales of the products should be marked factory name, the site of factory and quality certificate, and with instructions, with standard Chinese characters identified. Imported toys due Chinese toys directions for use. The use of toys that provides many above about product information, when the choose and buy should pay attention to this point. Check whether the Toy with is to protect their own rights and interests against violations of a protective screen, so in the choose and buy toys, attention shall be paid to use toys explain whether or not regulate is complete.

5, check the burr and edge

By hand in the toy surface touch it and see how the tactility, surface will not have burr, edge to smooth, lest baby play slit the skin. Plastic toy assembly should be joint, should not have clearance; The surface of the wooden toys if not a smooth and have raised MuCi, may cut skin.

6, check the screws or other fasteners

Check all kinds of screws used to connect toys or other fasteners, for example, is safe to sink the head can’t outstanding head screws toys, flat surface round head wood screws should have sink holes etc.

7, check all kinds of transmission device

Belt transmission mechanism (gear, chain transmission) toys, such as all kinds of toy car, should choose the transmission mechanism in the enclosure cover the inside of the type, don’t have crack between. This will prevent baby hands thrust it into GaShang finger.

8, check the toy small parts

Buying toys, toys that can take down on the small parts, such as the doll hand on a small parts or wear, diameter greater than 31, 75 mm to, in order to avoid the baby accidentally will these small parts into his mouth, cause choking or swallowed into the stomach and cause unnecessary damage.

Do not remove the little toy parts, such as doll on the button, animal’s eyes, toy car fixed accessories to tighten, can try to use the hand in a few times, to see if there’s any loose, avoid baby will these things took off in their mouths.

9, check the padding

Cloth, plush toys in filling in not contain metals or broken needle, the impurities such as to constitute the potential risk. Baby Good quality toys usually feel soft, filler is evener, buying toys in a pinch knead, if a hand inside have unusual lumps, should be suspected. Toys In addition, also check sewing side of the firmness and filling mouth parts, see whether stitch too large, lest baby inside take out by mistake eats the filling of the dangers.

10, check the toy paint

Those with bright-coloured colour toy, may use paint contains excessive amounts of heavy metal such as lead, cadmium, etc, the choose and buy these toys, it is not easy to try to find out the paint type. At the same time, the baby’s toy to immediately tidy up and after washing their hands, eating only.

11, check the shopping sites is ideal

To find the best choose and buy baby toys formal shopping malls, such, toys quality will be more guarantee. 10 million don’t pursue cheap, to the commodity wholesale market to buy some toys.

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