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Simply introduce the nano toys (plush toys is no introduction it), nano Toy also called foam particles toys, environmental protection particle toys or stuffed, is a new type of similar fur toys toys, this toy and fur toys, compared to the biggest advantage is that feels very good and more environmental protection (filler for particles). Nano toys and plush toys are as follows: the main difference between

1,nano toy padding is 0.5-1 mm nanoparticles (EPS styrofoam particles) plush toys padding is cotton (advanced) PP or other cotton

2,nano toys fabrics is the high elastic fiber cloth (82% nylon and 18% spandex) plush toys fabrics is soft and fluffy

3,nanometer toy feel very comfortable, feels soft, liquidity is very good. Plush Toy feel is general, feels warm warm, liquidity is bad.

4,nano toy formability is bad, so nano very few toys have great a. Plush toys formed possibility is very good, so big of a basically is the fluffy.

5,nano toys good elasticity soft toys flexibility is not good

6,nano toys in a lot of places don’t sell a plush toys in a lot of places you sell

7,nano toys appear time is not long plush toys for a long history

8,kinds of nano toys is not abundant enough plush toys of the species is very rich

nano toys introduce the nano toys

nano toys

How to choose nano toys:

A: look at the nano toys at work fine, whether needle is close, whether a ball fabric.

B: whether the toys have peculiar smell smell nano produce, but note that the new toy factory, just a little peculiar smell is normal, as long as you use the fan blow one blow did not have, if there is the product itself has a problem.

C: ask the owner of this toy bought more than a few people, is a little more children like ,and girl like a little more, or this kind of toy which several sizes and colors, and so on.

D: the elastic fabric toys labradors look at whether is better, by pressing the toy look in the liquidity of the particles is better.

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