dangerous toys for kids part 2

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Before I wrote an article on “dangerous toys for kids“, lists the 5 kinds of dangerous Toy, many friends browsing, now I write the second part.

dangerous toys1 dangerous toys for kids part 2

dangerous toys

6. Metal as main material, metal toys or by all the metal is made, edge horn is hard, burr, paints a more may contain toxic substances. Expert clew: metal toys, the parents should be more dangerous to be more careful, the proposal does not give five years old of the following the baby to buy. First, a lot of metal toys, easy to cut more sharp sharp children skin that causes injury; Second, some metal toys coated with glazed lacquer outside as decoration, the glaze may contain some paint on personal have of the harm of heavy metals, such as lead, unsafe.

7. Not smooth toy refers to material, and more hard surface and bumpy, or itself is sharp edges of toys. Expert clew: bigger, more sharp particles on the surface of the toy can damp down or cut child. Advise parents to first to the child not smooth don’t buy toys, the second check in time the children were playing toys, once found damaged, fixed immediately or eliminated.

8. Children toy car is different from adults with a children’s car driving toys, variety, including two round from the outside, three rounds, four-wheel etc, from the use of the method is also need to drive, with external force pushes type. Expert clew: children toy car is: a lot of the dangers of the toy car not completely sealed, so the chain to radar to child’s hair, and a long, shoes things by security hidden danger; Toy car’s chair, even without the seat belt safety enough, can’t very well fixed children, easy to cause the child fell injured. So no matter use what toy car, parents should beside to care for; In the safety of the flat to the ground of the road, must not into public traffic.

9. Music toy is through the technical means and built-in equipment, can send a music toy, use commonly battery as energy source, and part of the toy can also with music do some action. Expert clew: dangerous music toys should from three aspects: the music sound db screening of the size, sound is too restless, toys with battery fixed is reliable. For baby toys, the first choice music should choose moderate voice, beautiful music toys. Big concert of music listening, damage the baby too much and noisy will affect a child’s mood; In addition, most of the music toy with battery as energy, the battery is easy to pick off, especially some baby button batteries, have been children swallowed dangerous, so buying toys with the battery to see whether there is a reliable battery case of the screw.

10. Plush toys is to point to to use all kinds of chemical fiber, cotton, plush, short hair raw materials such as cutting, sewing by working procedure such as toys made of and, because most have padding, also many says stuffed. Expert clew: plush toys padding is unqualified, is a very big hidden trouble. Naughty children often will embrace plush toys to sleep, will also take plush toys bite a play, it is possible to produce such as respiratory infections and diseases, serious still can cause bronchospasm, cough and even asthma, eczema, etc will be part of the children skin allergy phenomenon; In addition, some plush toys eyes, nose, buttons, etc, are the paste to toys, often appear cut child, be in the skin or child swallow bite to belly dangerous situation. Therefore, parents need to buy plush toys except selected outside, also of plush toys regularly cleaned and disinfected, in order to eliminate hidden dangers.

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