how to clean nano toys

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Nano Toy maintenance:

1, keep the room clean, as far as possible fall dirt, often with a clean, dry, soft tools clean the toy surface.
2, avoid sun exposure, and keep the toys for internal and external dry.

nano toys1 how to clean nano toys

nano toys

nano toy sterilizing:

The sun blazed

The nano toys to wash the:

1, first in the basin in water and detergent, silk hair with general soft brush or other tools in the basin water, stir the stir the rich foam, reoccupy soft brush with bubble toys brush clean, pay attention to the brush do not touch too much water.
2, brush clean surface with towel after toys, in clean water filled in the wash basin, so can the medium of dust and final twist in the toy clean.
3, and will add a toy into the birdbath complaisant agent in the appropriate for a few minutes, then put in qing water birdbath medium voltage wash several times, until the water in a basin by muddy waters become clear.
4, will clean the toys still using the bath towel wrapped, into the washing machine soft dehydration, dehydration in in ventilated place dry.

nano toy machine wash methods:

1,40° C warm water machine wash.
2, do not bleach, iron, don’t do dry cleaning.
3, roller jilt dry, low temperature.

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