Cultivating 2-3 years old baby’s ability for oneself

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How can add cent men in an interview at the age of weaning, just the baby’s physical weaning, due to a sports ability is limited, so the mother had too many rely on. But in two or three years old, the baby’s independent consciousness has awakened, what he will do, to this time can make his psychological DuanRu realize. Mom and dad can’t because of worrying him a mess and refused to let him try to independence. Parents to take something to delimit the liability of the baby, and should follow a principle: that is in his ability to learn to do a thing, teach him how to operate.

2 years old baby’s heard that ability have certain of development, basically can understand adult words; Limb activity, hand of grip and little finger with ability of stronger also, eye has been able to coordinate each other and have the ability to work independently; And, when children to enter the first against period, from a subjective willing to try, like said not to refuse to parents’ help, parents should help babies become original, a self-help skills ultra high baby.

1, training the baby his dinner.

In 2 years old or so, his baby will be offered to their eating. In order to let the baby is fully practice, and convenient to clean the battlefield, the mother to the baby, baby before dinner to put on coverall garments, put on WeiZui, armed in place; In the surrounding to spread good paper, tell him: “from today, the baby to his dinner.” In order to attract the baby, might as well to prepare a shape nice dish, such as shape, strawberry leaves in form. Will the food into colorful dish, give baby do with spoons eat demonstration, the rest of it to the baby his complete it. The child had had enough, can clean up “battlefield”. After a period of training, the baby can independent for dinner.

2, drink from a cup

To prepare a training cup, is has two handles, got a bump on the cover of the small mouth, the mouth contains small hole the sort of. The baby hands, will be lifted to cup cup mouth sucked, or directly to forcibly mouth down. After period of time, take cover under direct to drink. At the beginning of the cup of milk or water don’t too much, with less half a cup is advisable. Mastered the skills, the next step is to learn to the task of baby from water machine connected to the water to drink. Of course, and just let him take cold water.

3, baby wear, to take off pants and is a button

In kindergarten, the teacher may not get follow the toilet, so baby must learn to take care of oneself. Every night before bed by the baby off clothes, teach his main point: the hand hard to put in the waist, pushing; Learned to take off to learn wear: two feet into the leg corresponding, hands lift force of trousers. The best is the rubber bands, pants and easy to learn.

In the game, button can cause the baby’s interests, such as to the baby, and put on clothes, will bear corresponding perfect buttons into. This is better than simple dress learning much more interesting, the result is good.

4, training brave baby their own independent sleep

By adults with nap baby, will feel the kindergarten lunch break is very challenging. Training ahead of their baby sleep, can help children “rush through this”. No matter it’s day or night, try to let the baby himself to sleep. Start, the baby is reluctant to separate lying in your own little bed, mother might as well take gradual way, for example: “you lay silent after two minutes, I’ll come back.” After 2 minutes on time, and then back to the baby side said to him you after 3 minutes back, again and again several times, a little bit of time to extend. When you’re not, leave music or stories to him to listen to, in the relaxed attitude, the children sleep easy.

With the story, the game of way to make their children know, mom and dad, grandmother maternal grandmother let him sleep the purpose is to let he soon become a capable “great baby”; At the same time to tell the baby: “we or the teacher was in the next, you will come to see you asleep. When in need, can immediately appear in front of you.” So, the children will have safe feeling.

Can not only give children toys, but also cultivate him.

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