Disney Snow White toys

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Each heard “Snow White” story, believe to be impressed by the person in the image. Beautiful and kind of Snow White, happy kind of little people, vicious stepmother, a handsome prince. The story has been to the screen, and repeatedly in real life stage. The princess of your home and are looking forward to a mirror?

Disney Snow White and kitchen toys Disney Snow White toys

disney Snow White and kitchen toys

Disney launched the Snow White princess the theme of the series toys, this small make up for everybody introduction for this kind of Toy.

A Disney Snow White and the gentlemen, kitchen

Brand: Disney

Type: R9641

Origin: Indonesia

Material: plastic, chemical fiber

Age: 3 years old

Price: 199

Product introduction:

Disney Snow White is ready for her seven hungry dwarfs preparing dinner! The Snow White princess wore her beautiful the sparkle of the dress and tire do a good meal.

This toy including doll, oven, a water bottle, a spoon, teapot, cups, and small stool.

This kind of toy used the color box package, box set up various according to case, convenient open, use convenient also receive.

This is also a good situation toys, theme is “Snow White and the kitchen”, so parts have ovens, kettle, spoons, teapot, cup, small stools, etc. Fittings is a better fit, design very simulation, the work is careful, because is the plastic material, so also very deft, children play rise very convenient.

Snow White garments compared showily yellow and blue collocation, breaks down the white dress style. The head and ruby bead crown, very dignitary is angry. And the work, the look in the eyes of the eyes is very in place, makeup look compared with delicate.

Hairstyle fixed better, go against children themselves to design style, but after all, this is the kitchen series, so the little princess will be transferred to the interest points can be all kinds of kitchen utensils.

What need reminds is, because is the plastic material, mothers, not with cooking way to toy disinfection. And do not let the child to dig Snow White eyes, so as to avoid the risk of swallowed.

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