Educational toys benefits and more toys testing knowledge

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Educational toys

1, language training

Children at play, sometimes to have ci in toys, and Toy “talk” like, don’t look down upon this communication mode, it give children use the language to express the meaning of opportunities. At this time, if the parents can participate in them, and children play together, not only can cause him to speak more, also can be in the guidance of him appearing in the expression skills, strengthen and his master the ability of using language.
2, stimulate the functionality of the development

Toys to encourage the children to make sense to contact with the world, such as stimulating their vision, hearing and touch, and help them to cooperate with various senses of the body reaction, to contact and cognitive outer novel all things.
Some will make noise excellent tool. Some are designed to be bright red color, line, can directly to attract children visual stimuli. Different educational toys, all is the auxiliary child to know the world’s effective tools.

Three, to show emotion

Children have found a setback, anger, will break, pat or toys to scold, (my child more interested, evening say he is a few sentences, he took the toy to kick ball as kicked open) this is the child of discontent vent performance.

In the real world, children can’t literally to vent their emotions, and toys will be the replacement.
Children with adults need to channel, the emotional outburst, otherwise, can form depression mental illness, the influence is healthy.

4, practice social activities
Through the toys, children with their peers in the process of parents or play, unconsciously in the development of their social relationship, they in cooperation or competition even if easy to produce bend so as to breakstubborn pry and an argument, but actually they are developing cooperation spirit and learn to share, to prepare for the days in the society.

Parents with children at play, deeper in parent-child relationships, share each other, in the process of the communication give children psychological health the opportunity of the development.

5, coordination body function
The child’s hands and feet and eye-hand coordination between the body function, with training and gradually established, the toy is one of the best training tools. For example the child child will a box of blocks build by laying bricks or stones, in addition to the graphic to use the mind, but also to the hand of the functioning of the cooperation.

So to the child’s toy muscle activity, body function of development, of a great help.

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