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See pictures, whether you reminds of ariel?
Although color, but it’s not about ariel.

LeapFrog pad LeapPad

LeapFrog pad

LeapFrog released in New York for children of product design, the flat plate LeapPad used toys style, the design of the exterior of the green and pink two colors to choose from, is expected to be in this year’s August 15, price for sale only $99.99.
LeapPad used 5 inches 480 x 272 pixel LCD screen, equipped with 400 MHz processor and 2 GB of storage space, built-in camera, microphone and gravity, built-in video broadcast induction function, camera, video recording, the program and support applications download. However, LeapPad don’t have WiFi network connection function, it can only through the computer (Windows or MAC) download program software, at present had more than types of the development of software for children, the price of software available for download from $5 to $24.99.

LeapFrog pad1 LeapPad

LeapFrog pad1

Engadget for LeapPad after the trial, said that while the running speed of the product is far from the iPad 2, but the function and the design of the program are consistent with the child’s needs, and use shell is strong, for a price of just $100 Toy type products it, the performance was quite good.

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