Inventory global luxury toy part 1

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1: 24 K gold Trojan. Market price: $1.28 million. The 24 K gold Trojan horse by Japanese Ginza Tanaka design specially designed for the prince of benevolence leisurely design. The horse took more than the sculpture of thirty kilograms of gold. If you hope the baby like the prince same life, then this will be your golden horse horse not 2 of the election.

24 K gold Trojan1 Inventory global luxury toy part 1

24 K gold Trojan

2: Could be compared to the value of the ferrari “dream carriage“. Market price: $19995. Is the so-called “sincere commendable, my home life of baby sleep price is higher.” And the like from the dream of coming kingdom fairy tale carriage absolute you can ensure that your baby sleep sweet and clinking. It is the overall structure of Chinese fir by strong make and become, detail part is the sculpture with birch and into.

dream carriage1 Inventory global luxury toy part 1

dream carriage

3: Set with 278 diamonds of the bubbup. Market price of $17000. 278 a set in Europe’s top platinum of the gleaming white diamond, highly custom design, will you allow your baby’s birth or the name carve. This is in his mouth a little shiver with luxury goods, it may be said is nowadays in the world, the most luxurious bubbup.

278 diamonds of the bubbup1 Inventory global luxury toy part 1

278 diamonds of the bubbup

4: Super teddy bear. Market price: $10000. Common practice to match the teddy bear on how your home baby? Only the super teddy XiongCai sufficient become your home small lovely plaything–its own Tahiti black pearl eyes, made of camel’s hair Aries made of wool, plus neck that crane has 10 carat diamond platinum necklace.

Super teddy bear1 Inventory global luxury toy part 1

Super teddy bear

Not every child can have that luxury kids toys.
A child’s healthy growth is the most important, toys are just small a factor.

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