Inventory global luxury toy part 2

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Continue to introduce these luxury children toys.

1,Built-in sound waves system gold-plated baby carriages. Market price: $6000. The baby carriages external gold-plated and become, internal are blue lining and extremely luxurious mink. This car can not only for your baby bring comfortable sleep feeling, the more can through the built-in acoustic system for your baby to slow “lullaby” help its faster fall into sleep.

gold plated baby carriages Inventory global luxury toy part 2

gold-plated baby carriages

2,The luxury of baby carriages. Market price: $2500. KidKustoms design of this can be folded luxury baby carriages, inspiration from aviation aircraft, has fighter appearance, lightweight either side chassis, pearl handle made on the lacquer pinstripe, even the soft ostrich, stingrays, crocodile, cow hide production, customized seat and ceiling, and compared with the global baby carriages, the best wheels.

The luxury of baby carriages Inventory global luxury toy part 2

The luxury of baby carriages

3,Swarovski crystal booster chair. Market value: no offer. To create “1 million baby”, only in the diamond spoon feed rice is not enough, still have to add to this the swarovski crystal booster chair just more can reveal your riches and honour. The booster chair is Carla Monchen company by Fanny, have been at the 2007 annual design Kind of Jugend und won the prize contest on innovation.

Swarovski crystal booster chair Inventory global luxury toy part 2

Swarovski crystal booster chair

4.Silver spoon. Market price: $1230. The court by the French design of this silver spoon modelling grace, in the end of the spoon set has a shining diamond, such a perfect spoon is absolutely you as your birthday gift for your baby is the perfect choice.

Silver spoon Inventory global luxury toy part 2

Silver spoon

5,Swarovski crystal toilet circle. Market price: $1136. You are in for a child is always what nobody want you to accompany him to go to the toilet and frustration? Don’t worry, have the money by Amanda, Jenner design of swarovski crystal toilet turn, you distress will be solved.

Swarovski crystal toilet circle Inventory global luxury toy part 2

Swarovski crystal toilet circle

6,Gucci baby straps. Market price: $600. Although his mother’s arms is the children the most warm rely on, but this kind of Gucci produce of baby straps can provide for your child as the mother of the warm embrace. And light, Gucci this like a thunderclap piercing the ear of the brand has enough to make many hot mom bought the bag.

Gucci baby straps Inventory global luxury toy part 2

Gucci baby straps

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