toyroom tell you how to clean toys

Author: kikils, July 17, 2011, 1 Comment

The toys baby often play, general two weeks cleaning the toy, should be in disinfection soak for 10 minutes (namely the salt water tank cleaning, salt and the water is the mixture proportion shall), and will be soaked toys in sunlight, such, can kill many bacteria, do Toy clean sanitation. tell you what method disinfection, to see the toy materials. Usually, fur, cotton cloth toys made of, can put in sunlight insolate several hours, of course, can also be sent to the laundry dry cleaning, but a high cost;

Wooden toys, can use boiling water scald the soap;

Toys made of iron, can use first soap water scrubbing, again in the sunlight certainly good insolate;

plastic and rubber toy, can use 0.2% of peracetic acid or 0.5% for 1 hour, disinfection spirit then rinse and dry in the sun.

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