Prince William wedding toys

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Prince William’s century wedding (prince William resume) held on April 28, hence the wedding souvenirs sells a derivative. From Kate toys doll puppets, lego the royal wedding to the official publication of the commemorative COINS, mark cup and all kinds of commodities, are popular in England. Below we start from toys for you to introduce by prince William married all kinds of toys sellers.

Kate toy doll1 Prince William wedding toys

Kate Toy doll

If you to the royal wedding of stamps, cake or tea cups are not satisfied, then can now go to choose an Kate modelling toy doll……. Ham toy store is in the thunder of the royal wedding of goods in April 29 to sell a. Such a doll every price, and attached to the 35 pounds handbag, shoes and married Kate replica of a diamond ring.

Kate replica toys Prince William wedding toys

Kate replica toys

When we are in the imagination of the royal wedding held detail, some people have used the LEGO toy joining together up the whole wedding, including Buckingham Palace, pregnant Victoria and Paul McCartney jazz, etc.

LEGO made Prince Williams century wedding 223x300 Prince William wedding toys

LEGO made Prince William's century wedding

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