baby with a mirror

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baby with a mirror baby with a mirror

baby with a mirror

The mirror is the baby’s good toys

The baby a few months old, the parents are always want to give to the baby what to buy toys? Expert proposal, six months before the baby can use a mirror to its social Educational.

Many may have found that his mother of the baby to the mirror very interested. When a baby first saw the mirror may be a bit nervous, but slowly the baby would be the mirror in the “friends” interested. If you give the baby a small mirror look, his line of sight will follow the movement of the mirror and mobile; When the baby hold to the front of the mirror when, he may very excited and, perhaps, some shy; And the baby more, he will hand to touch the people, looking at the mirror,vomit tongue, happy smiling.

The baby to the mirror “friends” familiarity, love of reaction, is actually the baby to the others, the surrounding environment of trust, and safety to reflect, these are just part of the social content, say so, the mirror is training the beneficial social affine baby toys, and rich visual experience of baby is also very good, is the baby of good friend.

Mom to baby to play in the mirror in the should pay attention to several problems:

1, baby with a mirror, cultivate social is the best time of baby was born in 8-9 weeks after, be sure not to miss this opportunity.

Then most of the baby can not completely independently vertical head and neck, and also won’t take things out at this time, the best mirror hung on the bed, the baby let the baby lay look. But they should pay attention to the often changes of direction, avoid the baby head to head on one side, the total sleep partial.

2, to grasp the best over the baby and the mirror

Generally believe that the mirror hung in eyes away from the baby should be 15 centimeters place, not too far also shoulds not be too close, not too high or low in the baby can not smooth inspect advisable. Baby’s head, to vertical up later, can often take the baby hold to the pier glass or mirror dressing table, amuse the baby and the one in the mirror touch your head, labradors, tell the baby hand mirror “friends” is the baby to the mirror, call the baby’s name. The baby will feel very interesting, he slowly would active and in the mirror of “friends” exchange.

3, to pay attention to safety

The mirror is glass products, fragile, in to baby to play, there must be in the adult to watch. Especially should pay attention to the mirror whether smooth, it is best to edge the mirror more than the edge tarp pack two layer, in case scratch the baby. The best is not hazardous and not easily broken stainless steel products, but be aware that mirror level off, without distortion image. Size to 10 to 12 centimeters advisable.

In short, you give the baby with a mirror, in fact, is to give the baby with a “friends” in the baby and “children” play in the process, the baby’s social development has got.

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