toy promote development of action

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toy promote development of action toy promote development of action

Toy promote development of action

After 1 years old children’s main activity place is On the ground, this time the ball is children the best toys, adult and children mutual throw balls, to pick up the ball, catching, ball, kick, and can let children and the other kids playing ball, promote the children walk, run, rolling, throw, throwing, bent down to pick the development of basic action, make the child, lower limb muscles get exercise, the movement more flexible, cultivate the attention of children coordination, observation. Several children playing ball, but through the collective activities of the game, and establish a good relationship of cooperation consciousness, training.

All kinds of set of fold toys, lacing toys, blocks, JiSu helpful exercise children small muscles action and the fingers of flexibility, accuracy, training attention and observation, set a set of tower, the fold toys covered bowl, a set of ring, etc. Wear rope toys including wooden ball and plastic beads, plastic, wood spools and flower piece etc.

Play these toys, can give children do, and then let the child learn to demonstrate their, parents can play in by guidance. Play of time can be taught children learn to insert in pencil, began to use the pen container big of pen holder, taught him to learn to insert gradually small mouth the pen holder, still can teach children the little things that small container load of medium.

Still can use some balance beam, on the slides to development of the child, already but the balancing ACTS child attention, still can cultivate the brave spirit. Started to play the balance beam or on the slides, adult should beside to support and encourage, gradually relaxing hands and let the children play on my own, homemade balance beam width can choose about 30 CM long, 1.5 or so of wood, two head on the two pieces of big blocks, will be a big board head frame made on the slides from work.

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