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How to wisely choose children toy

Good toys is not refers to the price is expensive toys and children don’t need to have many toys. How to choose wisely children toys, the following points for parents reference:

1, Toy can promote children, to begin the coordination incentive children, thinking of toys function, so as to cultivate the child’s cooperation spirit and the ability to solve problems.

2, books and take voice reading help children understand words, art and music, etc.

3, the art to foster creativity and reading, writing and found in the ability of the good things in life.

4, hard wood blocks teach your child geometry, gravity, shape and the knowledge of the respect such as balance, and durable. The construction of the building blocks to exercise the power of muscle process, make the child to understand the concept of natural science and digital.

5, Musical Instruments and experimental material, such as sand, water and clay, the child use them to express the thing that oneself like, thus exercise their control ability.

Six, positive active game kind of equipment, make the child to have strong body and enough confidence to meet the challenges to the body.

Seven, cloth dolls, toy animals and copy the characters in the play, to give their children a can try new action and have the opportunity to imagine.

Every child the pace of growth is not consistent, so should be to give their children for their age paragraph the thought, language, physical skills, feeling and establish friendship toys, do the children play in the parents to watch carefully, and if you can play together with the child to make sure you know what kind of toys most appropriate, best, how to game to the child’s most valuable.

good toys Choose children toys

good toys

Good toys should have several characteristics: below

1,For a child, attractive and fun

2, suitable for children of physical fitness

3, accord with child intelligence and social development such as the requirements

4, suitable for children play together

5, reasonable structure, durable, and to apply the age kids are safe.

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