From toys to see the kids personality type

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The child like to the Toy,seems to have a much also cannot be satisfied them. What kind of toys, how preference play, can reflect the psychological state of the children, and the children’s character development has a certain relationship.Toys are different from kids clothing.

1, like fluffy toys with children, may be some feeling rich, exquisite, attachment, the tender feeling. And downy toy is often all kinds of lovely animals, and can be as toys, also can be regarded as partner. Can coax it play, also can use it to the emotional outburst, can meet the children of different time emotional need. In addition, the special quality of a material, soft toys of loneliness, timid character, eager to care for children have comfort, stable mood role.

2, like Plush Toy children, usually easy to be strong curiosity attracted attention, keep longer, work more patient. Assembles toy need to children with brain, hands, eyes, through its beginning ability and the coordinated ability. plastic assembles toy colour beautiful, and repeatedly disassembling and more security, children will choose toys. 3 years old and under with collocation, to four children-when he was five years old can ask them according to the pattern installing into one “of goods, also named” can encourage their invention “wrote” graphics.

3, some children like to mobile, for example: the ball, toy car, spears, swords, rod, the content such as great. These children from the active, often make play, running, jumping and so on the movement, are parents think “not safe”. They usually energy and courage of the emotions of the heart is larger, frankly, the movement is their “words”, it is a kind of expression. Such children like simple toys, his happiness comes from within, in which toys activity itself is only a “decorations”.

4, and children like electronic toy, press the button switch, toys can make them happy moment, but this kind of toy be short of regret is only see “lively” surface, cannot be penetrated its internal secrets. Also some parents because electric toys most expensive price damaged, just let the child looked at parents, and do not let his operation touch. The result is that the only including children one happy, he to the toy interest will not last for long, don’t even say training to explore the spirit.

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