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According to Toyroom report, British famous Toy retailers Firebox has organization, a survey showed LEGO more than transformers, barbie dolls and Star Wars become the most popular toys. To global 3000 respondents was conducted and the results show that 70% of consumers like to restore ancient ways more than modern toys toys, almost half of the consumers still kept childhood toys. The male consumer favorite toy is a lego, handheld game, transformers, and mobile units. Female consumers favorite toy is barbie dolls, lego, the colt’s treasure, handheld game, and Sindy dolls.’s general manager said “we to lego becomes the most popular toy is not surprised. Lego has been hit by the love of men and women, old and young. From 1960 to now, lego has become a miracle.”

In recent years, lego constantly build its new product series, which then ace including and classic movies brand cooperation of Star Wars series, toy story series (figure below), the indiana Jones series and so on, some of the most successful Star Wars series (above), currently in the world already has countless fans the, but also expand the user’s age range products, the main buyer has not only concentrated in 15 years ago teenagers, 20-30 accounting for a large proportion of adults.

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