How to help neonatal choose toys

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How to help neonatal choose toys

Toy is the indispensable thing in life of children to the child’s physical and mental development, plays a very important role, it can promote child perceptions, language, action skills and the skills development. Raising children powers of observation, attention, imagination and thinking ability, open the eyes of a child, stimulate a child’s mood, joy foster children good moral character.

Choose toys and is not the high-grade more delicate the better, and according to the child’s age characteristics choose toys.

Children each age has its different physiological and psychological characteristics, need to toy is different also.

To the newborn speaking, prepared for them is to promote the toy mainly depends on the development of, hearing, so you can choose a few appearance beautiful, color contrast some toys, so strong can cause the child’s attention and interest.

According to the study of nerve, found that newborns new optic nerve to black and white have reaction. With the growth and development, they would like to see the red color, like looking at the face, easy to look at the complex area, curve graphics and the design of concentric circles type. Newborn babies can not only hear the sound, but is very sensitive to the voice frequency, like listening to music, and said the harmonious happy.

choose toys How to help neonatal choose toys

choose toys

So, suggested that parents can give a newborn to prepare a diameter is 15 cm of wool with black and white ball, red, black and white stripe and facebook concentric circles of the piece, hard kit graphics colorful balloons, small rattles, can send a musical voice of music box, color rotating toys.

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