Toys should be small than mouth

Author: kikils, July 27, 2011, Leave a comment

Buy toys for children, people are pay attention to the brand and quality of toys, but may neglect in addition a topic: the size of the toys. Buying their children toys, the selection of the more security are Toy small than the mouth.

Sam said, five years old the following children because the cognitive skills is bad, no matter what equipment, get possession, always be fond of plug into his mouth bite, if toys smaller smooth, very easy, respiratory tract obstruction swallowed, can endanger nervous life. Some small toys sharp edges, for example, small rattles, whistling, don’t be careful on the children the esophagus, easy cut the esophagus; Outside the paint color with building blocks, crayons, pencil, if it were bundled into his mouth lick, bite, can will be harmful chemicals to eat into the body.

Do-it-yourself toy will be careful, if only to remove the small parts, parents must be in you look at, to avoid children don’t swallow. If the following to eight years old children bought darts, slingshots, simulation pistol toys, such as best parents present and take out the details later receive up.

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