Wonder Festival

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“WonderFestival” called WF, is Japan as the oldest and largest modelling toys exhibition. The exhibition beginning to do in 1984, held every year, two th still is Japan model toys enterprise pay attention to most of the toys domestic commercial exhibition. In February this year at the last exhibition “WonderFestival2011 (winter)” on the toll to 40000, a total of 7027 people. Point to the exhibition to measure the type, the number is amazing.

The greatest feature of WF exhibition is “copyright” system that day, also is the model production organizations can through the very simple programming to the role of cartoon works in modelling application for copyright owners of the day right. Show exhibition So, it is not enough time the commercialization of new model also won’t because at the fair show and cause copyright disputes. Because of the “copyright” system that day, each model business became WF exhibition to try and market research works show a great opportunity, this also is his attention to the cause of this exhibition enterprise.

However, because of march this year Japan suffered from the earthquake, this year’s WF exhibition in preparation for the problem faced with many. Because of the insufficient time contact between enterprises in the exhibition, the organizers had to temporarily cancel “copyright” system that day. Therefore, the exhibition in the only have formal contract giving the model of the goods, which seriously affected the export commodities diversity.

WF toys exhibition 300x196 Wonder Festival

WF toys exhibition

In addition, fears about the audience, in the exhibition organizers safety on temporary introduced a “priority ticket” measures. “Priority” can only buy on the net tickets, hold it in the audience as long as the exhibition after half an hour, we can not queue up directly from the special channel. Organizers hope to use this method to tap want to snap up the audience, prevent goods limited them up all night outside the venue to wait in line.

Due to the special period to a variety of temporary status, the WF exhibition scale than to show slightly cold and cheerless. But even so, the main model on Japan toys still took out from the booth of the goods, the team is still ranks before very long. Through the following pictures, we can know that the day of the simple exhibition site conditions.

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