expensive toys not best

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The development of children always turn on toys, expensive toy although the desire to have the joy of short, win. But time is long, the children will see them as dispensable. If parents to pay attention to the function of the toys, not whether modern, is expensive, not only can promote children’s mental and physical development, and can let the children understand the true value of the things is that people can provide inspiration and help, not meet to show off and possession desire.

Like sand, the color of mud, plastic, wear bead, such as toys, dolls of children is how to play also won’t tired of playing. Because of the change of the toys, children every time the game will have a new play. They in the game experience with a change of the joy of life, not only reproduced the, and promote the development of the hand motions.

Many parents reflect children always said kindergarten toys in a fun, home to your toys children also just playing a few times will no longer interested. In fact, it has the following several reasons:

1, expensive toys may not be suitable for children age characteristic. What age children to play with what style of toys, three more children love the game played every family, parents if buying their children play some of the materials, like the doll, small basin, such as small bowl of toys, children will like. If parents to give children between the ages of buy the high IQ intelligence toys, so children usually do not have too great interest.

2, Toy bear play, durable, on the development of children’s mental resistance. High-grade toys manufacture fine, attractive, but must not resistant to play, durable, resistance to education. Like puzzles, JiSu, color mud, and sand such toys, not very expensive and still has a good use of characteristics and education value. Children to play with these toys in the process, they will be very concentrated attention, create potential will greatly, the description of the development of language ability will be developed. At the same time, these toys won’t occupy the too big space, is really should be for more parents choose.

expensive toys expensive toys not best

expensive toys

3, to teach children to collect his toys. Children lose interest in toys, some because they won’t tidy his toys. In the home, parents often put the child’s toy lost in a bucket, as time passes, bucket bottom pressure was in the toy, or child, or because of the toy forgotten backlog and damage. Children don’t know what toys in the bucket, nature also does not love to move a bucket of toys. To this, parents should take the child’s toy categorized in child easy take put the position. If a toy had been playing for a few months, can temporarily for them away for a long time to give children out, so that the child will to produce the newness. Heavy toys

4, let the child and partners to exchange toys, improve the love of toys. Every child can have their own, and not the same toy with others, if the parents can let the child and between companion exchange toy game, so each child’s toy will express in increasing up. So, promote the feelings between children and can learn different knowledge and abilities. At the same time, the child to the toy interest in the game will maintain a long time.

5, the parents should be regular and children play together toys. Some parents think that toys are for children to play. The child has a toy will no longer need their parents and care. Accompanied by In fact, the idea is wrong, and children to play with toy also need parents participation. A man’s game if nobody appreciate, that no meaning. Children with parents play with toys in the process, they can communicate with parents, communication and research, they will for their parents about their own games, there will be more imagination and creation. If the parents of children played with real words, so you must be toys will find, originally in the children’s game there will be so many beautiful and colorful.

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