Czech government to renew the product technical standards act

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A few days ago, the Czech government to renew the product technical standards act, and in the light of the Toy technical standards developing a more strict regulations. According to the regulations, manufacturers must in the products on the market ahead of a complete use of risk analysis materials, toys for toys, chemical, electronic toys conductivity thing rational and comprehensive assessment of radioactive. The specifications of the toys shall meet the prescribed standards, such as sharp edges degree, the length of rope, the size of the voice. According to the regulation, importers and distributors toys must be determined the toy safety standards, and in accordance with the provisions of the import and sales process ensure toys all kinds of security attributes will change. In addition, the toy manufacturers must also provide safety instructions, and identify below the recommended age children use products possible risks.

Although the Czech government new standards for toys no coating to clarify the provisions of the detailed standard, but toy coating as a toy safety in a big risk factors, is a toy manufacturer first have to solve the problem. The European Union and the United States, the promulgation of the new standard constantly stir international toy safety standards for loading the line is already of China toy industry would add it. For toys enterprise that, experts suggest that the domestic enterprise on one hand to be active and technology innovation, improve product quality. On the other hand will constantly improve the enterprise in the toy coating safety requirements, production logo, qualified test procedures, etc DuoGe standards.

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