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Denmark produce of LEGO is one of the world’s most popular building blocks, but in addition to toys toys field, the most common of the occasion to it is all sorts of KUSO curtilage male big rallies, this actually because stylist Finn to Christian Louboutin required red bottom shoes for the prototype design of this pair of shoes, the original LEGO and fashion and many cross boundary.

This pair of shoes from the hand of required Finn, using many of the small lego, color is rich and extremely stereo feeling, it seems that it is real shoes outside sticky a layer toys, so it may be really can wear out also perhaps.

Kara Ross design of Lego, in addition to Lego dinner bag toys and even set a man-made gems.

Lego cufflinks, designer is JacQueline Sanchez, is a quite popular in the father’s day gift. Originally cufflinks existed to reflect grave, and the combination of Lego but show a man’s heart and childish play, is full of good and practical design.

British brand Color By a series of Lego product Numbers wallet, lovely practical, can choose concise plain coloured section or the more eye-catching Color.



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