Toys Mean For children

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For children, it is the simple toys adult society technique. Adult social too complex, the child intelligence can not enter the moment. So, responsible for the mission of enlightenment toys. They got some initial toys through common sense. Wearing a watch, many children already in hand before a Toy on the wrist watch; Take cars, planes, and toy toy car before the plane provides a preliminary explanation in advance. In fact, many children just is through the electric trains, plastic tanks and blocks with house understand travel, war and building, in other words, in the form of fun toys for the children of the world, so that the children explained through some palm can manipulate game of external social investigation of mysterious.

This decision making copy the toys principle. Toy must sound, color, shape from the representation, which will be of huge all outdoor environment into narrow amusement place children. However, this is all the mystery toys? The children choose the standard of toys??? What??? They want to achieve in the toy of what, again?

In my eyes, thus suggesting a civilization and natural toy double theme. Toys on one hand can be regarded as the symbol of civilization, on the other hand, catering to the people of some natural nature.

The gun is the modern civilization produced a kind of magical devices. Gun that one has no reason to sudden death. In this sense, the civilization symbol for natural gun of a kind of absolute conquered.

However, the meaning of the gun in children too esoteric. Children more is to understand the power of the gun. Many children will extend to the gun in common weapons, such as knife sword or above. They can also play in WuDao sword of the conquest of imaginary experience.

Children’s car worship was to be the worship of power and speed. The most wonderful thing is to see children rapid traffic washed out of the gate house or the building with blocks. There is clearly implied the destruction of desire. Through the interpretation of the toys can see, though, the power of the children is far more limited than adults, but young children clearly reflected the taming of the nature, the nature of it will be in the process of growing up gradually get civilizations standard containment and transformation. So, relative to the adults in order and discipline, toys obviously is the social nature of the place and children indulge object.

According to the normal experience, women only in become mothers get caress the baby after have formal experience. But, as they see it, many women far children phase, the already known to caress the baby’s self-taught basic skills, such as embrace, pat, coax, kiss, feeding, hypnosis, and so on. The doll is undoubtedly they caress the baby’s “laboratory”.

Civilization is the power of can defy the people into the city, and let people live in cable, glass, plastic and machine plangent in. This time, the children of the living people keep toy stage, and human nature, quietly provide a final stage. For the children to play for, clay, sand and water charm forever. Children with relish engaged in the nature of the toy, this not just is shown in the form of play in the origin of their experience?

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