Baby like toys which have eyes

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The university of Washington in Seattle and his colleagues found that Brooks baby love watching others eyes, little one total also especially like toys which have eyes of . Dr. Brooks said: in life’s first months, babies can and toys or adult playing, but it’s hard for them to how to participate. As time goes on and the baby are increasing social skills, and so they through the observation, the adult and adult gradually into people see toys to contact together.

Among them is have a problem: baby imitate adult, actually is as people turn head or eyes turn?

The problem has been studied early, but haven’t find out until the United States, Seattle, Washington university Brooks and his colleagues Andrew? N?Dr. ZuoFu mill in recent study found that if adults see with your eyes open, something so 12 months, the babies see this thing is very big, the possibility of And if people into close your eyes header to something, babies almost won’t go to see it. On 14 months of baby testing also come to the same conclusion. This shows that the attention of the baby is relying on the move into people’s eyes and not turn head.

Dr. Brooks said, “children’s eyes staring at you, when you turn to look at something, kids are actually in the test and verify your eyes is open. If it is open, they will imitate you see the same things. Otherwise they will still staring at you.”

Brooks and mill ZuoFu and through the test for dr. The new study provides theory, that is, through the observation baby according to the rotation direction, adult eyes to decide what the see what people or something. This is because the eyes are sensitive things. Eyes turn head more than can convey information. The eye can tell the baby to see what things and adult watching something of felling.

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