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Toy’s Plasticizing agent after storm, and also you will buy plastic toys? Have bought, and how to deal with the plastic toys at hand? All threw? Rather pitiful; Continue to use? Again afraid poison the children. Can neither of, nor too careless.

Plastic toys, danger plasticizing agent or influence children’s physiological function

Plastic toys, that is common PVC material, use is made of PVC plasticizer, can make toys become soft and elastic, feel is good.

According to information, plasticizer is a kind of polymer system of plastic material, children’s toys increase of phthalic acid esters is the most commonly used in the production of commodities of plasticizer.

DEHP (phthalic acid ester) two of animal experiments found that small doses of the DEHP hard to cause acute toxic effects, so the clinical doctors and have not seen for “plastic toys plasticizer toxic” and attendance cases. But there are many potential DEHP chronic toxicity, researchers have proved DEHP have kind of estrogen effect, liver toxicity, renal toxicity, may cause cell metabolism disorder, cause cardioascular system obstacles, and even cancer. For long-term contact with DEHP plastic toy of a child, DEHP might affect their physiological function and hormone secretion, cause the boy feminine, girls precocious puberty, etc.

Color toys “lies the” heavy metal

Heavy metal exists mainly in coloured toys paint, coating materials, some use recycled plastic toys, will also contain harmful heavy metal.

From this year July 20, the European Union will start to implement the new eu toy safety instructions “, according to the latest instructions, toys of heavy metals in a specific restrictions from 8 kinds of increased to 19. The U.S. toy safety new rules this year also ready to implement new standard, lead from the current 300 PPM reduced to 100 PPM.

In China, the authorities of the toy in the test report in more, pay attention to the physical properties of the toys, combustion performance, durability test index, generally don’t test heavy metal.

Heavy metal exceeds bid in addition to cause the intelligence of children is low, but also to cause harm to the blood system, an alternative to the blood of iron, let blood coagulation, makes the quality of blood down to cause blood diseases, and will cause harm to the liver hematopoietic tools-and likely to cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Plasticizing agent toys plastic toys DEHP

Plasticizing agent toys

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