Toys should pay attention to the following

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Toy is a children’s common most often contact thing, not timely to toy disinfected, or to check whether the toys of a damaged, it is easy to give children’s safety and health brings hidden trouble. Experts remind your parents, should pay attention to the following three points:

1 parents prior to see that children’s toys. Need maintenance of toys, its use in the specification will indicate the maintenance methods of maintenance. Especially complex toys or baby toys. Baby toys should pay attention to whether have clean or disinfection method, such as whether can disinfect or high temperature water, etc.

2 maintenance regularly toys

3 should be regularly check the child’s toy. 3 years old the following children’s toys to pay special attention to regular check, check the content such as screws loose whether; Plush toys small parts (like the nose, eyes, etc) is loose; plastic toys have broken cause other dangerous shell of produce, etc.

Below is a list of several dangerous toy:

1. The mask toys: ventilation area is not large enough, and the child take easy because breath does not smooth and cause choking.

2. Folding toys: folding and combined toy cart, fold the remote control toy and folding in May, toys into GaShang children fingers, the space between the toy assembly is too big, easy to put his fingers into the child was GaShang space exploration.

3. The simulation weapons, ejection toys: the marble is very small, easy to be volume swallowed, children at risk.

4. Terrorist those trick toys: can cause potential damage, caused the child’s spirit insecurity, the impact on the child’s physical and mental health.

5. Children bicycle: can’t cover car all chain chain cover, the body and wheels, easy to hurt children between finger; The pedal switch is ineffective, loosen the pedal switch can cut off power supply brake is still running, very easy to accident; In the process of charging a start, there is still the risk of electric shock and electric shock; Children in the downhill when oneself not turn off the switch of consciousness, also can cause an accident.

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