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Art toys are becoming a popular art close to the exit! July 1 to 3, an entirely new “the art of playing–art Toy global tour exhibition” in wuxi wanda plaza in within, what is worth mentioning, every price is in 1000, 3000 yuan, the Chinese region no more than 10 of the circulation of Rosh Kidults (small), two by wuxi is native design of China’s first original art toy, and will the global tour exhibition.

Picasso’s painting “upper”

Rosh Kidults (small) is the leading two art toy brand, issued in 2007, successively in France, Britain, Italy and China registered, designers and management institutions of China for wuxi magic stone creative design Co., LTD. Art toy, the WanJuMi mentioned since will think of Bearbrick, Qee CIboys and other international well-known, toys and Chinese yue minjun, zhou chunya, art toys. And traditional toys different is, art toy more artistic creation in the element, designers can be fixed in the toy model, make were not free creation story, no expression, no theme toy modelling given more new concept, and reflect the different styles and ideas. Rosh Kidults toys series is fully reflect this, such as “ninja turtle” role image was into the toy; F1 car design also can find in toys,; Like film players can also collect Rosh Kidults film series, for example KBill is according to the Hollywood famous movie “Kill Bill” in the role and to, and so on.

The tour exhibition work choose Rosh Kidults8 inch model for combined with Picasso, canvas, and Andy warhol’s, Margaret 10 masters of modern and contemporary art works, style covers the abstract expressionist, impressions, surrealism, paintings by artists DuoWei global cooperation creation. In the doll’s body, can surprise found Picasso’s “three masterpieces of a musician, also can see Andy warhol’s” diamond star dust high heels “. According to information, the exhibition is the first art exhibition tour of the toy, last half year exhibition area, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Brazil, China, Japan and so on, wuxi is the first station.

Quarter sales 170000 only,”doll step”

Although each doll not more than two palms size, but the price does not poor, the scene of every price is in 1000-3000 yuan! According to wuxi magic stone creative design Co. LTD of introduction, Rosh Kidults will high-end art and consumerism, combined with the design of the works from impression school, cubism, surrealism or pop art and other high-end art, commonly known as the “play” of art can be, the mode is for the sales of high-end stores, commercial chain institutions and luxury shops, art institutions and red wine, yacht, golf, high end club etc. Born in 2007 to now, Rosh Kidults has many well-known enterprises and global cooperation, known as the public have Benz, Cadillac, China mobile, special steps, etc. One step, a quarter in 6000 is the only store sales 170000!!!!! In a recent held in xiamen &equipment invited, wang lee hom, pan wilber, jolin tsai and other stars, they see these dolls are fondle admiringly.

According to introducing, the scene the display of the dolls, many is a global set limit to issues, the most in only 100 in China usually only 10. The exhibition site is not sales, only accept reservations, after half month can take goods, each doll and Numbers. Related personnel introduces, art toy general in the hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, it is more close between people of art; More in painting and sculpture class art, art toy can only art from far view to play, it is also Xie can play works of art, it is more kind of art.

Art toys are becoming a popular art close to the exit.” DengXueJun said, on average people, art “too expensive”, and art toys as well as artist’s work, but the price is much cheaper than art, it is art to high-end crowd and middle class to provide the possibility. Andy warhol’s painting works around $4000, a one thousand yuan of art is to let people have baby master of the works.

Art toy collection tips

Art toy called tide toys, designer toys, it is by some designers, artists, design, size by a few centimeters to dozens of cm differ, it is easy to the main materials of taking evade glue, occasionally also can appear wooden and metal material. Art toy not mass production, and is usually set limit to issues, making its price compared to traditional toys to much higher, can be regarded as the luxury toy.

Art toy is usually set limit to hundreds of pieces, this ensures the appreciation potential. But not all art toy has the appreciation of the space, choose a appreciation potential artist or designer is very important. Like the doll, KAWS basic will in some time, such as GARY BASEMAN rise again, JAMES JARVIS world well-known artists, is also the vaunted object, appreciation players great potential. Art appreciation of the higher the toy, is more big, do 8 inches (20 centimeters) above the big doll usually attract professional only buy a hand; Quantity is less; Selling price high; Buy difficulty coefficient tall; Has the specific memorial significance, and so on. Resolute can’t buy pirated toys. Only the original can ensure that your collection can appreciate.

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