Toys must be safe as kids clothing

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The toys on the market, there are various plush toys, educational toys, fashionable toy, etc, become a modern children’s pet toys, due to the existence of these toys, and in some respects will affect the child’s safety, experts say parents choose and buy for the child toys, not only from appearance, color, size, etc to choose, the more heed Toy design of small details, from three aspects, can help children pick up safe toys.

Toys to withstand play,toys must be safe as kids clothing

The kids toy is clean in with the baby grow, so stand is also need to have Kids toys to play one of the quality, the toy on the small parts may be children swallowed, leading to suffocate, and dangerous. Therefore, parents in the choose and buy toys for children, might as well try to throw in advance, in use process baby problems.

The length of the string must be special attention; In order to prevent children were cords in le injury, strangled, about toys in China, there are specific length of rope safety technical specification. Standard, 36 months and use by children under the drag on the length of rope with toys shall not exceed 220 mm. In the advanced test found that, a plastic toys Co., LTD production of toys with baby baby young the cords of the length of 270 mm, beyond the standard requirements.

“Warning” font is not less than 4; For safety, children’s toys logo and instructions have strict requirements. Children’s toys appear on “warning” and warned of the contents of the font there are specific requirements, such as warning content should not be less than 5, font, and bold letters “warning” font is not less than 4 bold letters.

In addition, toys lncluding names, types, standard Numbers, suitable age, the name of the manufacturer or dealer address. Buying toys, parents should first carefully read the signs information, and this will help parents choose suitable for children age toys, and to realize the safe use of method of the toy, thus to avoid possible injury.

Toys for the children can bring happiness and laughter, but in some degree, there is also a hidden trouble, parents in the choice of children’s toys primary security problem!

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