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I wrote a article ” How to help neonatal choose toys“, now write more about toys safe.

1, excitant odour
This kind of Toy is usually cheaper inferior toys, do not pursue a cheap, thought home and wash your shines
……. Pungent flavor, may be toys with stimulating material, it is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract to children, children
Of the nasal mucosa influence also got a boost. Inferior toys had mostly through inspection, there may be formaldehyde, lead, mercury and other content of iron
Heavy exceeds the situation, so you should be careful.

2, heavy metal color
Every child is different, the constitution is different, as far as possible let children immunity less contact contains heavy metals toys, because the very
Many ingredients to the health of children is very adverse. The growth of children, let children often play colour bright toys, also
Can lead to the child’s lubricious feeling weak.

3, contains small parts
Don’t give children buy of small parts with toys, big hospital every year because small toy parts receiving many inhaled respiratory tract
Children. Also don’t appear too much sharp place, avoid to cause harm children.

4, not famous plush toys
Many parents may also give children buy a lot of plush toys, but few parents the inside of the attention, a lot of plush toys padding
Are cheaper because it is filling “junk cotton”

5, the ejection toys
This kind of belong to teenagers toys, 10 million don’t buy give too small children, to the younger cognitive with low levels of a child
Hazardous, marbles ingested tracheal can lead to suffocate.

6, pulley class
This kind of a very popular nowadays when toys, many parents and even take children to learn the pulley, each time all can’t parents
Keep the children around, not professional children control ability to block is still not good enough.

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