Toys and child’s positive emotions

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Use toys can develop the child’s positive emotions, but should pay attention to the following problems:
A, provide the toys to novel, interesting. The child is generally like bright colors, beautiful modelling, performance varied toys. Of course, these toys are not necessarily by buying can guide and encourage the children, with new play play old toys-through the tear open outfit, combination, collocation, etc, and old toys to play a new idea, to give their children a changes, new and interesting toys, children to develop the world the enthusiasm of the mood.

Second, the content of the toys to provide appropriate, difficult and easy to moderate. A difficult toys, children can’t succeed, easy to make children produce depressed, failure and frustration was negative emotions; And the content of the Toy too easy, the child’s curiosity is easy to meet, children will be bored. The ideal toys should be content, appropriate difficulty moderate, make the child “jump jump can pick to of the fruit of the tree”, be helpful for the child produce excited, happy, success, and positive emotion experience.

Three, guide your child to use toys various game activities. When the game is always happy children fashion clothing , adults should guide their children in a fun game, the development of children mood. The initiative Need some other children of cooperation games, such as games, games, and the role performance such as game structure, adult can provide toys, create the environment, invite a child and children play together. Such as adult can provide children with dolls, furniture, kitchen, the post office and the hospital supplies, toys, let the child and theme other kids role in games, such as “baby home”, “hospital”, etc. In the play the role in the process of the game, the child will show the role of emotion, such as the mother of the treatment of children love, doctors treat a patient’s enthusiasm, and so on.

Four, the respect child, actively support children reasonable exploratory behavior. Often hear parents complain that kids don’t care, just buy toys toys to play a few days will be split up. To this kind of circumstance, adults with no such as analysis was adamant, make the child abuse or extremely easily produce injustice, depressed, angry mood, do you not know that such as child has curiosity and thirst for knowledge, sometimes apart the toy is often to explore a “why” to satisfy curiosity, at this time, adult needn’t fuss, couldn’t be more adamant. Sometimes instead should actively support and encouragement, guide the children to some old toys to tear open outfit, composition, innovation reform.
More than five, gave praise and incentive. For children to play with toy they have shown efforts and achievements will progress lies, adult to give proper sure and praise, make the child to experience the happiness of the family. It is advantageous to the child establish confidence and creativity. When finished the task in children, adults must carry on the detailed analysis and, when necessary, to inspire and guide. Do not say some discouraging words, reveal disappointed or angered, couldn’t be more severely reprimand angrily mood and blame. Otherwise, can only make the child and disappointment, resentment, cold produce negative emotions, such as, eventually lose faith.

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